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New technology development and constant challenge


It is the representative of NeoTech Co., Ltd.


We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your interest and support.


NeoTech is committed to investing in research and development to achieve the best technology and quality competitiveness for customer satisfaction.

We are also endeavoring to enter the global market.


NeoTech will leap to become a world-class company through business diversification based on our highest level of technological competitiveness and quality.

The highest asset of rapid growth since its foundation was 'people'.

Under the philosophy that "people" including employees and employees are the best assets of the company, we will continue to strengthen talent management.

We will do our utmost efforts based on new technology development and ceaseless challenges. We will actively fulfill our corporate social responsibilities along with people, the environment and the local community.


I ask for your warm attention and encouragement.


Representative office Jinja, Oh

Jinja, Oh

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